Someone sent me a message to offer their “services” as a spellcaster. The emphasis was on “Love Spells”. I did some research, and true to its name, the love spell will supposedly make an intended target fall in love with me.

The “spellcasters” are basically opportunists who take advantage of the vulnerable. It is a win-win situation for them because once paid, they will pretend to cast the spell and wait. If the intended target becomes interested in the client (which can happen naturally), they will claim it was due to the spell. If it does not work out, they will put it down to an act of God.

Surprisingly, many intelligent and educated people fall for this scam. Everyone wants to love and be loved, and let’s remember that some unscrupulous individuals will use love to get their way physically.

I hope this trickery does not work, even if it were genuine. Love is sacred and beautiful; it is the essence of life and should be dignified and respected. Love is not meant to be abused or used for selfish purposes. There is no fast track to loving someone or being loved by others. Love needs time to blossom naturally, with trust, sacrifice, and commitment.

If the spellcasters knew anything about love, they would not be scamming and hurting others with empty promises.

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