I deal with many clients who are victims of abuse. Some share more harrowing experiences than others (sadly, you would be surprised to learn just how widespread it is)

Their concern is what happens on the other side. Will they be reunited with their abusers whom they resent, fear and have no desire to forgive? After 30+ years of being a psychic medium and in service, I have some light to shed on this point, and it comes from my communicator on the other side.

Victims of abuse are never pressured or forced into any situation. Forgiving their abusers will only occur when the time is right and is not conditional, nor is it demanded of them. The victims need healing, and there is no specific timeline for their recovery; it will take however long it takes. If the victims of abuse do not wish to interact or see their abusers, then they will not see them.

As for the abusers, many have expressed regret over their past, and some go as far as to want to apologise to move on. Some may be sincere and want to apologise because they genuinely feel remorse, while others do it to find peace. It is very unsettling to be plagued with guilt on the other side. However, the priority is for the restoration and healing of the victims, and abusers will have to wait for the right time, if ever, when their apology is accepted so they can move on.

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