Please don’t postpone kindness towards those around you, waiting for another day. Act now, while you still have the opportunity. Death is unpredictable and can claim even those we least expect, in ways and at times beyond our anticipation. Often, it comes as a shocking blow; once it takes a loved one, we are left with a void, at least for the time being.

Personal experience has taught me to approach each day as if it were the last for everyone around me. I endeavor to seek reconciliation in the face of conflict, resisting the temptation to shut others out and allowing space for apologies. Inevitably, we all cause hurt to one another; it’s an inherent aspect of existence. Those who transcend their hurt or anger to forgive others remain alive and, more significantly, exemplify their humanity.

Despite death’s seeming finality, we possess an advantage over it; we understand it to be not conclusive. While our comprehension may be limited, evidence, whether scientific or otherwise, suggests something lies beyond the veil of life; life transcends death. The passing of a loved one does not signify complete loss; I often advise my clients to communicate with their departed loved ones, expressing their thoughts and emotions as if they were still present in their lives.

Some individuals believe that we shouldn’t disturb those who have transitioned to the other side. However, I disagree. Our departed loved ones are likely as eager to reconnect with us as we are with them. When my own transition occurs, I would welcome the thought of people on Earth remembering and seeking to reconnect with me. I wouldn’t consider it a disturbance but rather a profound display of love and appreciation.

Do not hesitate; your loved ones are here to support you, even if they

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