We all have opinions on what is right or wrong in the paranormal field. I have never been comfortable with some of the ‘adventures’ thrill seekers embark on in the hope of catching some phenomena. I refer specifically to ghost hunters or people who knowingly visit haunted sites and other activities.

Chances are that some activity will reward their endeavours, but everything comes at a cost. A paranormal ‘disturbance’ may indicate the possibility of a restless or kindred soul, a murder victim, for instance. Unless the situation is administered by someone qualified with the sole intent of helping instead of trying to get a reaction, things could go from bad to worse.

I cannot recall the number of times when, as a healer, I had to help other mediums and thrill seekers who found themselves in severe predicaments after such escapades. So many walked away with ‘attachments’ or found themselves unable to detach from their experience, mentally, emotionally or psychically. I have seen lives ruined and relationships destroyed; we are dealing with energies far beyond our comprehension or control.

There is a red line that should not be crossed, and showing respect to the other side is not an option.

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