Opening up publically about my being a psychic medium was the biggest challenge in my life. I come from a conservative family; my grandfather was very religious, and my father is a civil engineer entrenched in a narrow ‘logical’ world vision. Due to my background in IT and business, my interaction was mainly with individuals from the scientific world.

First, I released my book ‘Light of Light’ and announced it on social platforms. I immediately received all reactions. The people who I expected to be open-minded were the opposite. As for those I usually shied away from because they were from the ‘scientific’ world, they were the most supportive!

I met with my lawyer for lunch one day, and he congratulated me on my book and told me that he had started reading it. He saw that I was becoming slightly uneasy and quickly added:

“I respect your work, even if I do not understand it. I know that you are following your path, and in doing so, you are helping people. Well done!”

His confirmation gave me the confidence to be myself and no longer shy away from the truth of who I am and what I stand for. In hindsight, I sometimes wish I had opened up years ago; I only found my peace when I found myself.

Be yourself and love yourself for who you are; those worthy of your love will gravitate to you.

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