How prepared are you for your inevitable transition to the other side?

Consider for a moment that you’ve just received news that today marks your final day on Earth. What actions would you take? How would you choose to spend your remaining hours? Whom would you seek to spend time with?

Would you opt to seek forgiveness from others or extend forgiveness yourself? Perhaps you’d prefer to indulge in a feast—cakes, burgers, steaks, Chinese cuisine—or revel in drink and merriment until the final hour? Alternatively, would you find solace in solitude, engaging in prayer and contemplation?

There exist numerous paths to consider, and often, one may only confront such decisions when confronted with the actual scenario. Personally, I endeavor to approach each day as if it were my last, discarding assumptions of boundless time ahead. I remind myself that even those nearest to me may depart unexpectedly. Life’s journey is rife with surprises, both delightful and disheartening.

Live each day as though it were your last, fostering peace within yourself and with the world around you. Time grows ever shorter…

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