Previously, a medium would be mainly responsible for contacting loved ones on the other side and providing evidence for life after death. We have since come a long way, and the consensus is far more open and accepting that there is something beyond life as we know it. In time, it may become widely accepted that death is a seamless part of life and is not the end.

Nowadays, my service edges towards deep healing of rifts that may have existed or still exist between people on both sides of life. The emphasis is on achieving reconciliation, and it happens uniquely. Even oppressors or abusers, on the other hand, come forward to express regret and apologise. They share their background, what may have influenced them to be who they were, and their actions. It is not for self-justification or self-pity but to bring clarity and closure to those they may have wronged.

There are so many factors involved in making this a possibility. My clients must approve the reunion, which will only happen with their consent. We are all given choices, and I am limited to presenting the options. When all goes well, and if the client can find it in themselves to forgive, both parties can move on and achieve greater peace. Sadly not all such experiences are a success. Some people are deeply hurt, and no apology or explanation can help alleviate their suffering. Although, this

I hope that what we cannot achieve while here on this side of life can do so when we finally transition to the other side, to the place of healing and love.

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