I gave a profound reading yesterday to a gentleman who recently lost his mother. Her passing shocked him because she deteriorated quickly and died shortly after admission.

Interestingly, he scheduled the reading not too long after his mother’s passing and as usual, I asked not to be given any information beforehand. His mother came through and shared evidence to support her survival of death. I picked up on how sweet and kind she was, and he confirmed it to be the case. He took everything on board, then drifted away silently in silence. He was emotional, so I gave him some space.

“You know Garo, the worst part for me is learning from so many people how kindly my mother was. I knew her to be nice, I wish I appreciated her for who she was. How will I ever forgive myself for being unkind to her at times? If only I had a chance now to do it all over again. You cannot imagine what I am going through. I feel so bad inside…”

Inspired by his mother from the other side, I assured him she saw past that and loved him regardless. Despite all efforts, the poor man could not snap out of his self-condemnation and felt awful about his attitude toward his mother. It would be a long time before he finds peace, if ever. I do hope he does.

Sometimes, we easily overlook the obvious, so I am sharing this. When death claims a loved one, it is too late; you can only be kind to people when they are alive. Please do not let the opportunity go by while you still have a chance to share your heart.

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