Back in the 1990’s during one of my developmental sessions, I experienced an extraordinary event that I could not explain. I was meditating with a group, and my eyes were closed. It was a deep session. I felt a strange sensation on my face, not too dissimilar from tingling. I did not think much of it and focused on the meditation. The tingling intensified, and I felt it ‘move’ all over my face. What started with tingling has become more prominent, and my face felt somewhat contorted. I thought, why am I pulling faces in the middle of the meditation and how silly I must be looking, but I could not stop it.

We ended the meditation, and the circle leader asked me if I had felt anything, and I said yes, my face felt strange. I was embarrassed that I had behaved silly, pulling faces during a solemn meditation session; I was puzzled. He assured me that all was well and explained that I had experienced a transfiguration. I had no idea what that meant and listened to him explain how a spirit uses its energy and physical changes to imprint its face on a sitter’s face. He said that while I had gone through the process, he brought a few sitters out of their meditation to observe the phenomena, and they all saw a Chinese older man’s face imprinted on my face.

I was fascinated but gutted simultaneously because I wanted to witness it myself. The same phenomena would repeat in future sessions, I never got to see it happen, but at least I played a small part in making it happen.

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