I often reflect on my childhood and early interest in the paranormal. I sometimes wonder if my life would have taken a different course had I been other than who I was.

I never gravitated towards the same interests as my classmates. I found solace in books, music, Bible reading, and prayer.

My teachers tried abundantly to make me fit into the ‘norm’ to join my classmates, but it never worked. I genuinely tried to be one of them but could never maintain an interest in what they were doing. As time progressed, I detached myself from regular studies and drifted away into my world of daydreaming and thought.

I felt my calling as a child but never understood it or its purpose. Being the ‘odd’ one out, I was picked on and bullied by other students, and because I was of a racial minority, I became a target for physical assault, some more serious than others. The school was a strict Catholic school, and although I am Protestant, I saw no difference, but others did, including the priests who often ignored me and resented me for asking questions.

As I grew older, I discovered my abilities, which paved the way to the next level. In hindsight, I learned that my only struggle was to be accepted. I now no longer seek to be anyone else but myself. I found my peace and love of people in my service.

Life is too short for you to live someone else’s life; just be yourself.

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