Each individual possesses unique life experiences, including encounters with the paranormal and contemplations of the afterlife. Naturally, we hold diverse opinions on these matters. However, many individuals may find it challenging to admit when they lack factual knowledge, perhaps due to a fear of appearing intellectually limited.

Mediums, in particular, are responsible for providing truth and clarity to those seeking their guidance. They often interact with individuals in vulnerable states who have experienced loss and seek comfort and reassurance. Mediums must avoid adding confusion to their clients’ pain by claiming to possess answers they do not have. I’ve observed numerous instances where such behaviour led to the downfall of mediums, subjecting them to ridicule and doubt.
In my formative years, as I began exploring my abilities, I received valuable advice that I feel compelled to share:

“Even in this realm, none of us possess all the answers; we’re all on a journey together. Speak of what you know, Garo, and people will admire and respect your honesty.”

This guidance has been a guiding principle throughout my life. With age and experience, I’ve also understood that while I may hold opinions, I must present them as such, emphasizing that they are not indisputable facts.

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