Having been of service as a psychic medium for over 30 years, I strongly believe in life after death. We can’t truly comprehend how it all works and what is involved; even those who have crossed over seem limited in explaining it.

My belief system stems from personal experiences rather than books or other sources. On countless occasions, evidence is shared with the sitter that is not intended for them but for someone they know or once knew. After much research, the evidence is later confirmed, proving that the information received is from an intelligent source.

In recent years, I have received many clients from the scientific community: doctors, nurses, scientists, psychiatrists, etc. They embrace the notion that there are inexplicable areas of life and undeniable evidence of survival stacking from the afterlife. A doctor once told me, ‘Science cannot disprove it, and as long as it is unable to do so, I will continue to believe that it is true.’

I wish we had more knowledge or clarity. Our limited mental capacity may not allow us to comprehend it. As we progress, we may learn more in time. It is now common knowledge that energy does not die.

The evidence we have gained so far conveys hope; there is a literal light at the end of the tunnel. We should not fear death; it is not the end but a transition to a different place where we reunite with those we lost, a special place of love, peace and healing, a new start for some and a continuation for others.

The cycle of life is unbreakable.

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