Not every transition is anticipated; in fact, the majority of deaths occur unexpectedly. While the effects of loss on the living are evident, what is the experience like for those who have passed to the other side, particularly those who departed suddenly or unexpectedly?

I like to believe that they are received in a manner that mitigates the shock of their sudden arrival. Reactions vary, and no two experiences are ever the same. Some may require more healing than others, depending on their circumstances. The reasons and methods of how and why they ended up on the other side dictate their preparedness to adapt and function in their new reality. The majority find their way, though some feel compelled to attend to unfinished earthly matters.

I recently had a session with a woman whose son was murdered. She is desperate for justice and, alongside the police investigation, employs a private investigator to uncover clues that could lead to the killer’s apprehension. Her son communicated from the other side, providing specific and accurate information to aid the investigation. My client confirmed that the clues were highly relevant and that the information provided the missing links needed to resolve the case and achieve the justice she seeks.

The son described the moment of his passing and the whirlwind he experienced until he found himself on the other side. He assured his mother that he was well received and cared for by his grandmother, who had helped raise him since childhood. His life was taken, but not his love; he loved his mother profoundly and expressed it in many ways.



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