In her post, a member of a group I belong to asked if anyone could identify the black figure that appears to be hovering in the reflection of her sunglasses. I observed the various reactions and thought it worth sharing a few points. Most responses say it is ominous because it is a dark-cloaked figure. I can understand, but I do not necessarily agree. In my culture, Armenian Orthodox priests wear very similar attire and are not necessarily evil. How do we know it is not the spirit of one such priest? (Please Google to see images.)

How would we have reacted had the figure appeared as white? Many would have probably assumed it was an angel simply because it was white. Yet, if it were white, I would imagine some would say it looks like KKK.

As for it being scary, I learned that people’s actions dictate if they are ‘scary’ or not. I am not swayed into judgment by anyone’s appearance, and I do not take anything at face value. Since the figure did not harm Chelsea, I would not hasten to conclude that it is necessarily evil or scary simply because of its appearance. When evil comes knocking, it will do its best to look likeable as otherwise, we will not open the door.

As for what the figure could be, I am still determining precisely. The world is full of possibilities and wonders, some good, some bad and some downright bizarre. We may get opinions but not necessarily the answer; such is life.

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