The crucifix is, without doubt, a compelling sign used and represented worldwide.

The crucifix plays an essential part of my service, especially in exorcism. Of course, the crucifix is usually just two pieces of wood, plastic, metal, or whatever other material, but it stands for the power behind it and coupled with genuine, unwavering faith, we become a substantial force in the face of the enemies of Light.

Years ago, my communicator inspired me with a technique I now use in my healing and exorcism services. He taught me to ‘train’ myself to visualise the crucifix as shiny and bright and project the image onto a wall. I was to concentrate and hold the image of the crucifix for as long as possible. It was a struggle at first, but slowly, over time, I could keep the projected image on the wall longer. I was inspired to make the crucifix shine as bright as possible and to let its Light radiate. It took time, but eventually, when I had gained enough confidence, I was asked to recite The Lord’s Prayer while keeping the image projected on the wall. It was tough at first because I do not multitask easily, but I learned to do so. Eventually, I started using my newfound skill at church in my healing services and found it highly effective against harmful elements.

It is not only the crucifix or the image that I was projecting on the sufferers but also faith and determination that made miraculous healings possible. I am blessed to play a part and be allowed to be of service.

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