A patient came to see me at church. He suffered terribly from various ailments, and his mother insisted he see me. I had no idea what to expect, and at first glance, he appeared ‘normal.’

He sat across from me, and I noticed his immediate nervous demeanour. He avoided eye contact, and when our eyes met, a cold, soulless stare made my team members uncomfortable. I asked him basic questions to establish a rapport and determine what could be the cause of his issues. I reached for my Bible and placed it against his forehead, and he immediately reacted to it. I opened up with a prayer and momentarily took the Bible away from him, and then I sat in silence and waited for guidance and inspiration from the blessed Angels.

I closed my eyes and drifted into a semi-trance state, and that is when I saw it in my mind’s eye; the bird entity. I call it a bird entity because it almost resembles a bird with a long beak, claws and wings. It is not quite human or a bird, very dark, like a raven with a menacing vibration. I saw it positioned behind the patient and slightly above him, so I asked him if he felt pressure on his shoulders and chest, and he immediately confirmed it to be the case. I asked him if he had ever sensed, seen or heard anything ominous around him, and he confirmed that he felt something was wrong. We discussed further, and he eventually opened up about his fascination with the paranormal. He became embroiled with the wrong crowd of people; some he described as wicked. Since then, he experienced a catalogue of issues, ranging from physical to emotional and mental problems. He struggled to sleep at night, being kept awake by noises, incomprehensible chatter, and graphic nightmares that terrified him. I wanted to help the poor young man, so I surrendered and focused on the entity. I kept sending it a mental image to leave him and to come to me. It resisted at first, and I persisted. Eventually, I felt very strange, claustrophobic and very uncomfortable. I know from experience that the entity had linked with me, so I focused on remaining calm and surrendered further to it. I wanted it to leave the patient entirely and to make a new home in me, and when I felt that it had taken over me sufficiently, I prayed and asked the Angels to take it away from me.

It was a struggle, and I lost myself, my identity. So many thoughts raced through my mind. This entity was old, had been part of many lives, and had seen blood countless times. Eventually, I pulled myself together and prayed for it to be taken away, and I slowly started to feel myself again. I struggled with different physical issues, such as nausea and disorientation. My team helped me overcome the negative symptoms. I was desperate to get better quickly to see how the patient was doing. He assured me that he was better with a smile. I was delighted for him.

This was my first but not the last encounter with the bird entity. Over the years, I confronted it and similar energies on several occasions. The effect it has on its victims is consistent and devastating. It took a couple of days to regain myself, but it was worth the effort and sacrifice; yet another life saved.

Important note: dear reader, please be advised that I have heavily censored my post to omit graphic details. Please do not attempt to replicate any part of my ability; it is hazardous.

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