You cannot be an instrument and serve the greater good if you have hatred and prejudice in your heart. One must be a pure soul to serve others and not be conflicted.

A true healer serves others, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. A healer cannot choose who to heal; the decision is not ours. I learned this at an early stage of my initiation as a healer.

I once had a dream where a young lady stopped me to ask if I could attend to her father. She said she’d heard of me, and she was desperate for help for her dad. I recognised her. Her dad was cruel to my wife when she worked for him, and he hurt her terribly. The young lady pleaded, “Please… please if there’s anything you can do…”

My immediate reaction was to dismiss her, and I fought the urge to do so. Her desperate pleas stirred something in me, and despite her father’s antics, I put my feelings to one side and agreed to try to help him if I could. Her face lit up joyfully, and I suddenly woke up confused; the dream felt real. I lay in bed reflecting and thinking about what I would have done had this situation not been a dream. Yes, the man had hurt my wife, but I answered the call to serve; in all honesty, I could never turn my back on him or anyone else who needed help. I slowly drifted away and received this inspiring message.

“You can only serve love with love…”

The experience was valuable and catalysed eradicating the word ‘enemy’ from my life. I love God’s children, whoever and wherever they may be, and serving is an honour.

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