A couple of years ago, we were gifted a small apple tree. Eventually, it flowered, and a guest at our home commented that if the flowers fell, the tree would not bear apples that year. A storm came, and all the flowers were blown away. Yet, the apple tree bore fruit and produced 17 crunchy, sweet red apples.

Last year, the same tree did not bear any fruit. Someone suggested that it might not be bearing fruit because it needed a tree of the opposite sex for pollination. We did not get a second tree and left it at that.

This year, the flowers were once again blown away. Despite not acquiring a second tree, we continued to give it tender love and care. It is now carrying over 21 apples!

The story’s moral is that many people liberally express their opinions on the paranormal or life after death without absolute facts. They become so adamant about their views that they argue with others, giving the impression that they have the answers. Why is it so hard for some to say “I do not know” when they genuinely do not know? The majority are not necessarily trying to deceive others intentionally; their ego may misguide them. However, their strong opinions may cause more harm to others and even themselves by making them appear ridiculous.

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