We went to Mauritius on our honeymoon. The locals are warm, generous and friendly. My wife booked me at a spa as a treat, and I chose the deep charkas cleansing option. The therapist started with a massage and then placed crystals on my back. I drifted to a heavenly state of being and saw a vision. I am sure it was not a dream because it was lucid. I was in a little village in what appeared to be India. People around me were doing their tasks, oblivious to my presence; it felt tranquil. There was a tall tree near me, and a young Indian lady in a red and gold sari sitting on a branch caught my eye. She knew my presence, unlike the others, and I saw her smile faintly. Her eyes were dazzling, and I could not look into them for long; it is hard to describe, but they appeared to change colour and radiate somehow. I had no doubt she was from a higher realm, and she kept looking at me. Then she started to tell me something, and I distinctly remember:

“I used to like climbing the tree to watch over my people.”

She was beautiful, and the gold in her sari shimmered at times. Her presence was dazzling and influential. The longer we interacted, the more I felt that she was from a higher realm, and I also felt her beautiful energy and warmth. Then, after one last smile, the vision stopped, and I regained myself. I was sad that it ended abruptly, and the therapist saw it.

“Are you ok?”
“I saw something… I don’t know how to describe it.”

I could not focus; I was in between two worlds. I wiped my tears, it was as if I had said goodbye to a dear friend. The therapist made me tea, and we sat outside in the garden. She knew that I had an otherworldy experience and was intrigued. I told her what I saw and described the young lady in the red and golden sari, and then she excused herself to fetch her friends. They listened as I recounted my experience and their faces gleamed with joy and intrigue. One brought a little colour drawing of a young Indian lady in a red and gold sari.

“Does she look like this?”
“Yes… it is her. Who is she?”
“She is a deity, and some consider her a goddess. We believe in her, and this spa is dedicated to her because it is a holy place for peace and healing.”
“Why did I see her? What does it mean?”
“It is a blessing to see her. She is very significant in our culture and religion.”

I thought of my experience for the remaining part of our stay. I was unsure what I saw and who I saw, but it profoundly affected my soul. I took long walks at the beach and sometimes sat quietly contemplating and thinking. Whenever I crossed paths with any of the team from the spa, they would greet me with a slight bow and great affection. They truly valued and appreciated what I shared and received it with great humility. A stark contrast to criticising and negativity in our part of the world, very sadly.

Together, we are Light

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