We arrived in Lebanon two days ago to spend Christmas with my parents. My 7-year-old daughter was excited at the prospect of being reunited with our family cat ‘Ghandoura’, which means cheeky in an excellent way. The cat was nowhere to be seen on our arrival, and I assured my daughter that we would see it the next day.

In the morning, she asked me to accompany her to the garden to look for the cat, but we could not find it. My daughter started crying and kept repeating that she was sad because her beloved cat may be dead. Despite all the assurances, she spent most of the day in a sombre mood and cried a lot. She kept repeating that she loved Ghandoura, who was like a sister to her. Deep down, I felt there may be some truth to her worry and hoped that it was not the case. I asked the watchman about the cat, and he said that a month ago, sadly, a speeding car had run over the poor cat, and it had died on the spot.   

I felt as if a ton of brick had hit me; my daughter’s feeling was right; Ghandoura, the cat, was indeed dead. I was torn between confirming it with her and choosing the latter. She slumped in bed, exhausted after a long day of tears over the sweet cat. I thought it perhaps more appropriate to gently break the news to her when the time is right.   

Yesterday was very heavy; I, too, mourned the loss of our dear cat. I hoped to bring it back to England but could not afford it, and now, sadly, she is gone. There was something magical about this beautiful cat; it was warm and playful, loved cuddles and was exceptional with children, especially my daughter.

What amazed my wife and me was how psychic our daughter was. She knew all along that Ghandoura was dead, and despite all assurances, nothing we said or did would shift her from her thoughts. To be fair to my daughter, honour her ability, and give her confidence in herself, I will soon share the sad fate of her beloved cat.

The apple does not fall far from the tree…

(The photo not the actual cat but a stock photo) 

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