If you had a choice of who to be greeted by on the other side, who would you want it to be?

I would be emotional, and my thoughts and feelings would be on overdrive, so I would want to be met by my grandmother, who played an integral role in my upbringing. She was always my comfort and security when I was a child, and I do miss her a lot.

Alternatively, I would be delighted to be met by my English teacher Mrs. Dew, who used to spend her money to buy me books because I loved reading. She was a fine woman who showed me love when I needed it the most. I definitely wouldn’t want to be met by any of the other sadistic and perverted teachers who, at boarding school, hated the kids and abused them on many levels.

The icing on the cake is if my Dachshund ‘Poppy’ could also be there to greet me but not to urinate on me in his uncontrollable excitement!

I loved him and hurt so much after losing him that I never got another dog.

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