Sometimes, I think it will be a great day for a reading, but then it does not turn out to be the case. The opposite is also true; I could be going through a tough time and expect that I may have to cancel, but I instead deliver a fantastic reading.

It is fascinating how it all works and why my psychic/mediumistic ability is vastly improved when I am sad. I always believed it would be the opposite, but the bottom line is that I can reach out and help loved ones reconnect on both sides of life.

I once asked my guide why this is the case, and he responded that when I am sad, I can genuinely connect with my clients who, in most cases, are in a tragic disposition themselves. Being a medium is insufficient; the ‘ability’ requires empathy and sensitivity. I am learning just how integral the heart is to the process. When they say that Spirit operate with love, it is not the romantic type but something far greater; empathy.

Life is deathless… connect with your loved ones.

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