I served as an exorcist and healer for years, offering my services at various churches in London. I never consciously chose the path of an exorcist; rather, it seemed to have chosen me. Initially, I grappled with controlling my anxiety in the face of adversaries from the other side, who held a distinct advantage over me as a mere mortal. However, bolstered by unwavering faith then and now, I remained steadfast, believing that no matter how daunting they appeared, none could withstand the Light of God.

I learned to disregard their stares, screams, threats and attempts at deception. Over time, their intimidation tactics became familiar, and I recall one incident vividly. While attending to a female patient afflicted by a malevolent entity, she spoke in a voice distinctly masculine, a chilling display of the entity’s power. Despite its repeated threats on my life, I maintained my composure, even jesting that it would need to wait in line, as there were many others ahead with similar intentions.

Though I never adopted an arrogant or confrontational demeanour, my conviction and faith remained resolute. Patients sought solace in the churches with myriad afflictions, some so severe they sent shivers down our spines. Yet, we persevered, trusting in the divine intervention of blessed angels. Through faith and prayer, we bore witness to miraculous healings and recoveries. I never considered myself the source of healing; rather, I recognized it as the work of God and his celestial beings. It was a privilege to contribute to the greater good in this sacred service.

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