When my daughter was around three years old, she would display extraordinary behaviour at times, indicating that she was perceiving energies around her.

We had many episodes, nothing ominous, because whatever she sensed never harmed her. However, it was intriguing for me to observe her behaviour and to be her father, protector, and guide.

It began with her running down the corridor playfully and suddenly stopping at the end of the corridor leading to a bedroom. She froze and started backing away slowly, looking straight ahead into an empty space. I felt she was experiencing a ‘paranormal’ episode and did not panic so as not to scare her; I let her be. She needed to go through the experience the same way I did when I was a child and learn about the thin line that divides our reality from others.

Eventually, I gently called her name and beckoned her over. When she felt she had backed off sufficiently, she turned and almost ran into my arms. I asked her if she saw something, and she nodded. I did not ask her what she saw; I reassured her that it was okay, and we hugged. I told her not to be afraid of the ‘funny man.’ She grasped it and smiled. It helped that I did not panic or show any fear. We continued with our day, and there were no further such experiences.

The next time it happened, we were in the bedroom playing with puppets on the bed. My daughter said ‘toilet’ and descended to go, and at the entrance, she froze yet again. I observed her raise her head and her eyes slightly; she must have been seeing someone taller than her. She did the same routine, backing up slowly while keeping her gaze fixed on the invisible ‘guest’ ahead. This time around, I decided to intervene, and when she was back next to me, I asked her if it was the ‘funny man’ again, and she said yes. I told her not to be afraid and to scare him away with a few karate moves if she saw the ‘funny man’ again. I demonstrated some funny ‘karate’ moves, and she laughed and joined me. We played around for a while, pretending to be ganging up on the ‘funny man.’ The giggles turned to laughs, and then she forgot about the whole thing and the ‘funny man’ was history.

Love is a powerful force, but coupled with humour, it becomes the most potent in the universe.

Happy New Year to all of you, dear readers and followers. May this year bring you abundant love, healing and joy.

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