How do you differentiate between a visitation and a dream? They can be so similar that they can be complex or even impossible to tell apart.

I can differentiate them because a visitation has more substance, leaving a deep, ever-lasting impression in my core. During visitation, the experience feels almost lucid; I know it is not a dream but something more profound. There is clarity, and colours look brighter and more significant. The visitor makes a point to let me know that it is not a dream. The look on their face and their eyes, I feel it very strongly. Every visitation I had left me very emotional, and I can recall the details fully years later.

My visitations have been very significant, and although I missed the person when it was over, it also was reassuring that the magic and the love are not dead; we will reconnect one day. I miss many friends who have yet to come through, and I think of them daily. One day they may go ahead and surprise me.

Sweet dreams!

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