I despise so-called ‘mediums’ who take advantage of others, especially the vulnerable; they repulse me. Not only do their actions cause a lot of hurts, they sadly give genuine mediums a bad name.   

I’ve met many such nasty characters in my lifetime; here are a few:

The charlatan ‘spiritualist minister’

I met ‘Steve’ through friends; he had given them a reading and was very good. I had never had a reading before, and I was fascinated by the subject. I was very young and naive, so when I met him, I asked if he could teach me. He said it would take ten sessions, once a week, and I paid him for it. The ten sessions turned to forty, and I was still going when my sister-in-law quizzed him. She confronted him, and he could hardly answer, so he started telling us a sob story about him being sick. Totally out of context and made up on the spot. I felt foolish after he left my life, but I was equally angry with him for misusing his ability/gift.

Eventually, I learned from my sister-in-law that she confronted him because he had made a pass at her.

The fake ‘trance medium’

I was dragged to a circle where a trance medium supposedly channels her Red Indian guide. I was very sceptical, and my instinct told me something was wrong. The session began, and the medium went into some theatricals, seemingly acting like she was being taken over. When she started to speak, it was a French accent and not a Red Indian accent at all. I sat through a gruelling two hours of gibberish nonsense. When it was over, the other sitters were equally relieved and darted to the food on the table. I took the opportunity to have a quick chat with the ‘medium’ and told her that I would have liked to say hello in Sioux to her guide, but she immediately cut me off and said that he had been for so long on the other side, he had forgotten his mother tongue. She ignored me and moved away hastily when I commented that he did not appear to have an issue speaking in English.

No way Mr. Healer

I met a healer at a psychic fair in London. He was talking to a crowd about His abilities, and he liked the sound of his voice. I heard him mention ‘Abraham’ from the Bible and that Abraham was his guide. Behind him, I noticed a hand-drawn portrait of a blond man with piercing blue eyes. I interrupted him and asked him who it was, and he said it was Abraham, his guide. He was not pleased when I pressed him for an answer as to why Abraham, who came from the Middle East region, looked like Rod Stewart, the singer – blond and blue eyes.

Sadly, the world is full of such characters, and they come from all walks of life. Luckily for us, they eventually get caught out or fail, but unfortunately, they would have caused damage leading up to it. Your advantage is your instinct; trust your instinct, and you will not go wrong

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