You start drifting to sleep, but the process is interrupted because you hear disconnected voices. Sometimes, it is a voice that appears to be talking with you, and on other occasions, you may hear two or more engaged in what appears to be a conversation. It is usually hard to comprehend what is being said, and you may recall a few words if lucky. There are instances when I distinctly hear someone saying my name. I never find the voices ominous; on rare occasions, I have even heard the voices of people clowning around and laughing. Some of these are very funny and have made me laugh!

Different people have their explanations as to the source of the voices. Why do we hear them?

From a psychic perspective, when we are tired and sleepy, we are relaxed, and our mind takes a break. This may be when our senses take over – knowingly or unknowingly, we invariably tune in to the other side. I wonder if this phenomenon is widespread?

I would love to learn from your experiences, so please share.

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