It is perfectly acceptable not to believe in the paranormal or life after death. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether it is deemed right or wrong. While skepticism is healthy, it is commendable to question, and I welcome such inquiry.

However, I do not hold the same regard for cynicism. I find it self-defeating and devoid of potential for growth. Life is replete with possibilities, even those that may challenge our understanding. Merely disagreeing with a concept does not render it false. Indeed, some facets of existence may appear paradoxical, eluding clear categorization as true or false; comprehending everything is an improbable feat, and indeed, our grasp of reality may be quite tenuous.

My father, in contrast to his own father who was a devout Christian, was always a skeptic and non-believer. He rarely entertained discussions concerning the paranormal or life beyond death, maintaining a private demeanor that I found admirable. A scientifically-minded civil engineer, he approached life through the lens of logic and numerical analysis. When my grandfather passed away, my mother once awoke to find my father in the living room, visibly perturbed. He recounted seeing my grandfather standing by their bedroom door, wearing a smile. Initially adamant that it was a genuine encounter, he later dismissed it as a mere dream, reverting to his skeptical disposition. However, his demeanor subtly shifted thereafter, evincing a newfound openness to possibilities. Upon reading my book, he expressed his admiration, acknowledging his lack of understanding of my work yet affirming his respect and pride in my endeavors to help others.

I do not claim credit for my accomplishments, but on that day, I embraced my father’s affection, feeling like the champion of the world.

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