When I investigate a paranormal disturbance, I first try to establish a background and the reasons behind it. There is always a reason for such activity; it is not random.

I take my Bible with me and some holy water. I do not use any other paraphernalia. Prayer, faith and a genuine desire to help are paramount. I make sure that I am grounded and focused. I have to be in control at all times and not allow whatever is the cause to affect me. There is no room for hesitation or fear on the ‘front line’. When the process begins, I must see it through, regardless. Distractions are to be ignored; I brace myself for the unexpected.

The majority of ‘disturbances’ are calm. They may be attributed to a kindred spirit on the other side seeking our attention for different reasons. Some are caused by nasty energies that thrive on exerting fear and even actual physical harm in some instances.

I start by reciting the Lord’s prayer and ask the blessed angels to be by my side. I visit every room on the property and check through thoroughly. When I eventually feel the presence of an energy, I focus on it and try to get a feel for it. I usually feel if it is ominous or if it is a call for help, and I deal with it accordingly. If it is a call for help, I open myself for communication, try to sense what they say, and share with the property owners. We work through the issue until it is resolved and then I end the session with a prayer before vacating the property.

I apply a different approach if the energy is from the lower spheres. I do not open myself up in the same manner as previously described but rather ensure that I seal myself by visualising a bright white light. I pray, address whatever the energy is, and let it know that it will not win and give it a chance to leave. None of them go, and so the ‘battle’ begins. I use visualisation and my psychic ability to weaken and release it. I have unwavering faith in God and the blessed angels; I know I am not alone.

We live in a world of wonders, but there is also a grey area with darker shades, and this is where I come in, in service of the greater good and others.

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