I am fascinated by how some people seem to have a premonition of their death. My grandfather knew of his imminent passing months before his diagnosis. When I spoke with him on the telephone, he told me that he would be passing soon and that I should look after myself and follow the teachings of Christ. He was calm, and I felt that he was welcoming the day. My grandfather passed away a few months after we spoke.

My aunt went into hospital and was very ill. She was on the brink but somehow made it back. The family was relieved by her recovery. A year later, she fell sick again, and her sons took her to hospital. It was not as severe as the first time but was precautionary. On the day she arrived at the hospital, she gave her sons her rings, necklace and her watch. She told them to keep them because she would not make it. They were shocked and became emotional; they never considered the possibility. She then prepared a little list of instructions and gave it to them. Her condition took a turn for the worse, and she passed away. The fact that she prepared her loved ones for her passing seemed to cushion the blow, and her sons could carry out her wishes.

When a dear friend passed from electrocution, we were alone together. We were both radio amateurs, and he was trying to fix a unit that had become faulty. I got bored and decided to leave to play the piano downstairs. As I reached the door, something prompted me, and I turned and looked back at him and found him smiling at me. I still remember how peaceful his face looked. I smiled back and went downstairs. A minute later, he passed away from electrocution. I still remember his last smile and how calm he looked. I had never known him to be at such peace; he was usually intense. I feel that he somehow knew that his time had come.

I have attended to many patients who eventually passed away and observed most of them at peace with an inner knowledge of some sort. It is as if a part of them was already transitioning and had found its peace, even before the physical body. In addition, many saw loved ones who had passed before them, spoke with them, and invited them to join them.

Where do the premonitions come from? Who or what is the source?

I know that many animals withdraw to a private location when their time is near so that they may pass away in peace. Could it be the same for us humans as well? Is this all a part of easing the transition process?

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