I find ghost hunters and those seeking things that go bump in the night quite odd. Their escapades, usually dramatic, make for good footage for television, but is it worth the risks they put themselves through? Some of it can be comical, but I fail to see a purpose in ‘provoking’ reactions. There is also the financial gain, which appears to be a great incentive; otherwise, why would they subject themselves to such experiences? Some may be real, although I am sceptical about the proportion of reality versus fakery.

Still, it can be entertaining to watch the pesky clowns run for their lives, like headless chickens, when something or someone from the other side bothers to respond. I can only imagine how amusing it must be for the ‘ghosts.’ I am a prankster at heart, and when I eventually transition to the other side, I will seek out such ‘investigators’ to make the most of my stay.

On a serious note, this sort of activity casts a shadow of doubt over the paranormal in light of the gimmicky value portrayed. Eventually, interest in these shows may dwindle, and TV networks may decide to pull the plug. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the circus.

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