If you ever encounter an unsavoury energy, I advise you to hold your ground. Do not give in to fear; instead, summon your courage and ask for Our Lord and His blessed angels to assist you. Stand tall and stay strong, regardless of any feelings that may urge you to flee. Trust me, running won’t help you; it is too late for that. Take control of your thoughts and emotions. You must let the intruding energy know that it does not belong and is not welcome. Maintain control and do not lose the upper hand.

The situation is not unlike confronting an aggressive dog. You should stand your ground and not show fear. Remember that you belong in this realm, not the intruding energy. Stay in control, no matter what. I recommend that you avoid engaging or challenging the offending energy; remain calm.

Share your experience and discuss it with others without fearing their opinions; they are not in your shoes, so they cannot pass judgment.

Seek help from a reputable medium, healer, or an experienced priest at your earliest convenience. Know in your heart that regardless of any distractions or actions the energy may attempt, God’s light shines far brighter than all.

I have experience in this field, so please feel free to contact me if you seek advice or guidance on what to do.

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