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A family contacted me and asked if I could help with a situation at their home that had become unbearable. What started with the occasional minor disturbances has evolved into something far more sinister. The family heard screams, ominous laughter and, at times, incoherent babbling. All three members of the family were experiencing the same phenomena.

In a recent episode, the son was attacked and scratched on his back and shoulder, causing severe, painful injuries that bled. The family sometimes slept in the living room, where they felt safer in numbers, but this did not contain the disturbances. All three woke up to find a shadowy figure lurking in the room or at the entrance. One day, they heard a voice saying, “You will not come out of here alive”. They could not move to a different house because it was government housing, and it wasn’t easy to ask for alternatives.

The situation worsened when two mediums and, later, priests were invited to attend to the problem. The mediums linked with whatever was in the house, and upon experiencing a physical manifestation, they left and did not return. Unfortunately, the priests did not help either. The disturbance resumed almost as soon as they went.

I met with the family and asked them to share their experiences, which they did. I asked the mother how far back did she recall the disturbances occurring. She told me that she remembers similar things happening as far back as her childhood in her parents’ home. I suspected this was not an issue limited to their present house, and it was time to get to the bottom of what was happening. I needed to tap into the source of the problem to find out what it was and why it was affecting the family in that manner. I prayed, asked for protection and guidance, and then drifted into a semi-dream state. Images, feelings, thoughts and sounds flooded my mind. I tried to focus, which was tough, but eventually, I felt the energy and determined it was female. She appeared from a different era and had an intense and piercing gaze. She looked stern with her lips tightly shut. I felt a high level of anger in her. She was a powerful energy, but I was not scared. I trust my guides and helpers on the other side unconditionally.

Mentally, I explained who I was and asked her what I could do to help her. There was no reaction, so I asked again, and a whirlwind of thoughts, images, feelings, and sounds flooded me. I was overwhelmed but held my ground, and eventually, after much confusion, I picked up something about ‘them’ being taken, and ‘him’… it was him. The messages became more powerful, so I pulled back, feeling slightly unsettled. I just had a small taste of what the family must have been going through, and it was unnerving.

Something was impressing me to get the mother to talk. I recounted my encounter with the energy and described her to the mother and daughter. They both had a quick exchange and the mother said that she recognised her and shared her story.

“My great-grandmother came from an affluent family. She was unhappily married, and the family took her two kids from her because of her mental health issues. She was vocal about her not being mentally ill, but the community ignored her in favour of her husband, who was a doctor. Losing her children made things worse for her, and eventually, she committed suicide by poisoning herself. Her family were cold and uncaring, and due to their beliefs, they denounced her suicide by burying her in an unmarked grave. No tombstone and no prayers. They disposed of her body by throwing her into the ground and covering it with dirt.

After her death, things started to go wrong for the family. Previous generations spoke of banging noises, screams, scratching and all sorts of disturbances. It was a curse that hung over our heads and has been with me since I lived with my parents at a young age and till this day.”

Her daughter gasped in shock.

I felt myself drift again, and eventually, I saw the lady in spirit more clearly. She was walking towards the kitchen and past the front room, where a well-dressed gentleman sat on the sofa and appeared to be reading. I heard him tell her casually that her drink was on the kitchen table, and that is where she went. She drank, wavered and slumped to the floor. She struggled to breathe and called to him, but he ignored her. I realised that this was not a case of suicide. Her husband poisoned her; she is a murder victim and not a suicide.

I shared my findings with the mother and daughter, who were emotional.

“In hindsight, if you were in her position with your children taken from you, you are hurt and then murdered, you would also retaliate with a vengeance. Wouldn’t you?”

They agreed, and the daughter wiped a few tears.

“But why did he kill her?” the daughter asked.
“Perhaps, he saw an opportunity to get rid of her to access her inheritance.”

It took some time for both ladies to settle again, and then they asked my opinion on what they should do next.

“It is a matter of priority that you locate her burial place and get a tombstone put in place for her. It should honour her birth, life and the circumstances of her passing, clearly stating that she is a murder victim. Ask a priest or an ordained minister to hold burial rites for her. Include her in the family history and share her story with future generations. Let the truth about her be known.”

The mother said she might have an old photo of her, and I suggested she add it to the family album.

I closed the session with a prayer and thanked everyone on the other side, including the lady in question, for their help. It had been a long day, and we were exhausted but relieved and lighter. That night, before sleep, I thought of the poor murdered lady and what she must have gone through. I prayed for her.

The family never complained of a disturbance again.

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