Do you believe in karma? Is it true that what goes around comes around? Does it even exist?

I like to believe karma exists and is a form of universal justice. What you dish out returns to you, much like how a boomerang inevitably returns to its launcher. Karma is not necessarily instantaneous; it appears to operate on its own timeline and sometimes takes longer than desired. It is also not necessarily the case that karma occurs each time someone wrongs others; the world is full of unfair people, and injustice is widespread. I wonder how karma works for some and not others and how it decides what sort of punishment should be dished out to perpetrators, at what level and when exactly.

Karma gives us hope that there is a form of justice that no one can escape; sooner or later, it will catch up with the perpetrators. It comforts us to know that cruelty rarely goes unpunished. I wonder if karma can be thwarted to spare the perpetrator through redemption.

There is also positive karma, which I strongly believe in. If you do good to others, goodness will somehow find its way to you if you do good for the right reasons. Whatever way, the watchful eyes of God, Spirit, the Universe, etc., seem ever-present.

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