My auntie lost her husband to cancer, and a few weeks later, while having a coffee with her, I asked her how she was coping. She explained that she was prepared for his passing because it took some time and was imminent. Then she revealed that the night before, she fell asleep on the sofa in the front room. She woke up startled, afraid that her husband might come back from the ‘dead’. She was petrified of him coming back as a ghost.

I tried to assure her that there was nothing to be scared of and that if he were to visit her, he would be no different than before he ‘died.’

“Oh no, Garo, he is dead. He is not the same now. He would be a ghost, and ghosts scare me.” She laughed nervously. I tried to explain, but it was futile; she was set in her ways, so I changed the subject to something lighter.

I later reflected on what my auntie had told me about her fear of seeing her husband again. I felt sorry for her because she missed the best part of the magical reunion between both worlds. She was blocking love through ignorance and fear, and so many people allow it to happen daily. When our loved ones visit from the other side, it is to reunite with us because they love us. Please appreciate that they put so much energy into being able to link with you. You must mean so much to them, so honour them by reciprocating their love with your love and not fear. Do not fear the other side, even if it is mysterious and unknown.

My dream is to spread knowledge and truth as much and as far as possible, which is why I hold regular Q&A sessions where we share ideas, and I try my best to answer your questions based on my personal experiences.

We are intelligent beings and are free to question and learn; this is why we are here. It is healthy to discuss, examine, and dissect any topic. God gave us free will to learn and grow; it is the universe’s way.

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