It’s not always tears; we do have a lot of giggles and a good laugh sometimes. Readings are for bringing comfort and to lift our spirits and not only messages and evidence from the other side. The loved ones come through exactly as they were on Earth. There is no reason for their personalities to be drastically different.

For instance, a grumpy grandfather will still come through as such. A gossiping mother will still have a ‘story’ to share, and a swearing uncle will also come through with a choice of words. Even if they have changed in some ways, they will come through in a manner clients can identify. At a recent reading, a grandfather came through for his granddaughter and showed me the symbol of separation. She confirmed that her sister was going through a breakup with her husband. Grandfather then showed me alcohol, and she confirmed that the ex-husband was a drinker. Then I saw a glamorous female, indicating to me that there was someone else in his life, and again, my client confirmed that that ex-husband, indeed, was having an affair. I heard ‘son of a b***h!’ I told the client precisely what I heard, and she laughed heartily. She said this is exactly how her grandfather would have referred to the ex-husband; he was abrupt and swore very often.

Such situations can be amusing; I prefer seeing a client happy and enjoying a good laugh. Teasing and banter also play a good part in some readings. An uncle once teased his niece and described her cooking as the worst! She laughed and told me that he had said it when he was on this side of life; he never liked her cooking.

There are funny moments that also occur with my clients, and a memorable experience is of a lady (not a member of POLAD) who, upon joining the Zoom session, appeared in a bikini in a recliner by a pool. I tried to keep an open mind and overlook some things, but when she started puffing on a joint, I had to bring the session to an end.

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