There is so much superstition, opinions that are not necessarily factual, and a margin for error. Sometimes, the paranormal is a minefield to traverse with so many uncertainties. I keep an open mind, but at the same time, I make sure that my feet are firmly on the ground. Being a sceptic but not a cynic is healthy, so I objectively approach situations as best as possible. It is elementary to be swayed by public opinion or to follow the masses; one can be swept into accepting that the collective is right, and who are we to question otherwise?

My views on certain aspects of the paranormal and life after death may differ from those of other mediums or psychics, but the bottom line is that we get the job done and benefit the recipient. No one can always be right; we all learn life lessons daily and from one another.

To evolve, we need to outgrow archaic and redundant dogma and learn to accept the truth, regardless of how we perceive it. Life is multi-faceted, but the universal language is love and truth. It is time to let go and grow; life is deathless.

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