Physical contact from the other side is not uncommon. Many people have experienced some physical contact that has profoundly impacted them. Fortunately, most such contacts are warm and come from love. Unfortunately, there have been instances when some of the physical contacts would have been malicious, but that is for a different discussion.

I experienced some very unique physical contact from the other side. Brushes against my face and a slight tap on my shoulder, but the most prominent was when I was at the beach. I was with friends and went into the water to swim, and soon, one of the females followed. The others may have told her about me being a psychic medium because she started asking about the afterlife. I kept the conversation light and tried not to engage too deeply, as I did not feel it was the time or the place for it.

Eventually, I learned that she had lost her mum, and I was touched by how she described her mum and the sad loss. I felt myself starting to drift, but I held back; I did not want to be open in that setting. I started saying something when I felt a distinct push on my back, so I quickly turned to look; there was no one there. The source of the push came from what felt like a mass of physical energy as opposed to a hand, for instance. There was enough pressure that it lurched me very forward. The lady looked surprised and asked me if something was the matter, and I did not want her to become anxious, so I said no.

All I could think of was the incredible coincidence that I received that distinct push while she spoke of her deceased mother.

Have you experienced physical contact? Please share…

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