Why is it that we hurt so much when we lose a pet? When I lost my dog at a young age, I was devastated beyond consolation. Then, in time, my parents got another dog, a Dachshund, and I became very attached to it. It was a remarkable dog with so much intelligence and empathy that I felt it understood more than we knew. Not only was it brilliant, but it was also playful and loved to be around us, the family, and clown around or lounge with us as part of the family.   

When my brother and I went to boarding school, we both found it hard to be separated from our dear pet Papoush, as we called it. Weeks later, upon our return, Papoush would go mental at the front door in anticipation and excitement for our return. It would be so excited that it would sometimes urinate uncontrollably.

Then came the day when Papoush passed away, and it happened suddenly. My parents and siblings were devastated, and I hurt so much that I could hardly eat. I could not believe that our beloved Papoush was gone, and I tried very hard to come to terms with it, but it was impossible for me. I missed him so much that I even started to wish that Papoush would be back one day, and I even started believing it. Unlike others, I never received a sign from him.

It was the final straw; I decided never to have a pet again. I hurt way too much to be able to cope with their loss, and yes, maybe I am being selfish, but at least I am being honest about my limits.  

I know our pets end up in a better place, as they have come through for many of my clients. I usually relay the limited information I can perceive about them, but I wish I could communicate with them. It is humbling to see pets’ love for their owners or loved ones here on Earth, even when they have crossed over. Their beauty, love and loyalty make me think that we do not even deserve them.

(Photo is from stock repository and not actual)

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