My earliest house-clearing experience took place at an apartment in Lebanon. The owners described inexplicably drops in temperature, even in summer. They sensed a presence and wanted it to stop.

I naively volunteered to visit the premises independently to get a feel for what was going on. The owners were not at home. I opened the front door and walked in. I glanced around and saw that the space was cosy and well-kept. I was about to close the front door behind me when I distinctly felt a presence in the front room. The owners were right; something or someone was there, and I was being watched. I decided to return when I was prepared and accompanied by someone. I turned to leave, but t instantly felt a surge of energy all over me, which was unpleasant. My heart started beating faster, and I tried to move away, but it felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t. I was nervous, but I was adamant about standing my ground. Whatever it was, it was very close and significant, so I repeated, “This is not your home.” ignoring all the emotions running through me. I was adamant not to let it have the upper hand.

I raised my voice and focused on making it leave. I cannot remember how long it took, but eventually, the oppressive feeling left me; the energy was gone. I learned on that day that bullies exist in all realms and that we should stand up to them, even if they are from another realm.
The property owners were thankful; they never had a disturbance again. They asked me what I did, and I told them that I just stood my ground and repeated: “Leave now!” I must have bored it so much it left. They thought I was joking and laughed. Little do they know that there was probably some truth in that too.

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