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Thou Shalt Not Judge

One of my hardest challenges is to rid myself of ignorance and to be less judgmental about people.  I am not embarrassed to openly address my blemishes, they are a part of me that I was born with and have been with me since my childhood.   Some of the traits I may have picked up unknowingly from others.  Who knows and what difference does it make?  I feel far better talking about them and writing about them rather than pretend that they do not exist.  I have seen people make real fools of themselves in this plastic politically correct world by ‘hiding’ their thoughts and ‘disguising’ their real feelings – far more insulting and disturbing to others as far as I am concerned.

We are all born with a duality and it is what makes us human.  Most of us are unaware of its existence and live their lives shackled in confusion and frustration.  Being part of the ‘grand paradox’ is not easy but equally it is hard to be oblivious to it.  We all know that nobody is perfect, yet we find it hard to admit to or even accept our own imperfections.  Whoever said that humans always feel safe in the light!

I know I can be judgmental about people sometimes, maybe less as I grow older and wiser.  I may miraculously learn to stop being this way one day but it is quite difficult when ignorance turned to habit for as long as I can remember.  You simply and involuntarily behave in an ignorant manner because it has become second nature.  I take solace in knowing that I am not alone and that every single human on this planet suffers from the same in varying degrees of course.  Being aware of our imperfections is a positive step towards our personal growth and is worth the effort because the rewards are plentiful. You no longer look like an imbecile because you misjudged someone and your true friends appreciate you more when you accept them with their rights and wrongs.

If you can see past the colour, the sex, the culture, the nationality the religion and the flesh then all that is left to see is the soul.  If you can see the soul in people, you are a step closer to God.

These days, I no longer pray for forgiveness but I do pray for enlightenment and truth.

Garo Dedeyan
London, UK
29 June, 2012

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