I often come across posts where people question if there is anything beyond death, and many mention scientists’ views on the subject.

I respect scientists and highly appreciate their achievements. However, scientists are also human, and they, too, are evolving and learning just like the rest of us. Many scientists now accept that science does not fully encompass or define our reality. We are edging closer towards the revelation and, perhaps in time, the wide acceptance that intelligent life exists beyond our planet. The fact that we are oblivious to their presence does not detract from their existence; one day, this will be a scientific fact.

Scientists cannot prove or disprove life after death. They are limited to the physical life signs, where they draw the line. A hundred years ago, the same scientists would have rubbished the idea that a machine could write poetry and stories and produce signs of ‘intelligence’. Yet, artificial intelligence, which was never tangible in the first place, is now highly regarded by the scientific community and is used in many scientific applications.

Scientists specialise in specific areas they choose to study or research—many specialist areas, such as forensics, chemical, medical, etc., exist.

We need to adopt a new approach and think outside the box to begin to understand that while there are scientists who specialise in the physical and tangible world around us, others practice exclusively in matters that exceed natural or physical sciences. Suppose you want to learn about medicine, chemicals, electricity, etc. you have to direct your enquiry to a scientific authority. However, to learn about life after death, you should talk to a medium that can provide factual proof instead of a biased opinion which does not necessarily reflect the truth.

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