What do our loved ones do on the other side, and how do they pass the time?

I think we connect with others to help them using our experiences from our Earthly incarnation. I cannot imagine what purpose it would serve if we floated around, doing nothing simply. There must be more to life than that.

Some people believe we all have guardian angels who watch over us. Could they be people who crossed over and are devoted to helping others? We may be eligible to do that when we have earned sufficient knowledge and experience.

I often get asked if it is that beautiful on the other side. What makes the other side ‘beautiful’ for me is that we can reunite with our loved ones. I miss so many dear friends and family; I can’t wait to see them again. I am also honoured to have made new friends on the other side from readings I gave to their loved ones on this side of life.

I look forward to meeting them in person.

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