No matter how ugly you think of yourself, Spirit will always love and never abandon you.

Some clients have been wronged or hurt by those who have crossed over. Sometimes, reconciliation and forgiveness is achieved through a session with me, and I rejoice when it happens. It liberates all concerned and allows everyone to move on and heal.

It is more complicated when it is the other way around when we have wronged someone who passed on without a chance for reconciliation first. The very reason I always stress to everyone around me is to deal with everyone around them as if it is their last day; tomorrow may never come.

The good news is that once on the other side, our loved ones heal and are enlightened. Much of the earthly matters are considered trivial and left behind. They become part of a deeper understanding and in their closeness to Spirit and God, they embrace forgiveness and let go of anger. Ours is a reunion in the afterlife, where we discard ill feelings and find peace in our connection with God.

Even if you feel that you have wronged someone or if you feel that you fell short of being there for them when they needed you, chances are that they have already put such things behind them.

Let go of your sadness, guilt and fear; they have no place in your heart, and remember that I am here to help you.

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