I have a deep fondness for children, often finding myself more attuned to their world than that of adults. Their humor, innocence, and even their mischievous antics never fail to captivate me. In their purity, children often seem more spiritually evolved than us, the complexities of adulthood notwithstanding.

Given my natural affinity for children, I find that my most profound experiences often involve communicating with them from beyond the veil. Their energy feels pure and weightless, allowing for a connection that is both effortless and crystal clear. Children, it seems, are among the most articulate communicators from the other side. While it is undeniably poignant to serve parents who have lost a beloved child, the encounters are always profoundly enriching.

Moreover, I glean valuable insights from children; their simplicity and openness serve as admirable traits. Often, the children from the other side struggle to convey to their grieving parents that they are indeed happy and secure wherever they may be. Some of the younger spirits even express bewilderment at their parents’ tears, as they themselves are filled with joy. I recall one young spirit describing the afterlife as “tickly,” a charming yet profound depiction of the boundless love emanating from divine beings and departed loved ones.

If only adults could perceive and experience the world as children do, they would gain a profound appreciation for the beauty inherent in both the seen and the unseen aspects of life.

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