There was a disturbance in a house in north London, and the owner reached out to the spiritualist church, where I volunteered. I was asked if I could attend to the situation and immediately agreed.

A medium friend accompanied me, and we arrived at midday, and the lady owner was at home with her 16-year-old daughter. She has two daughters; the older one has been driven out of the house by the disturbances. They were very welcoming and friendly but afraid. We sat sipping tea in the front room, and I asked the lady to give me details of what was going on. She told me there were occasionally banging noises, and their house is detached, so it is not from next door. Growling type of sounds and scary figures and apparitions. She took me to her bedroom where one day, the banging from the ceiling was so powerful, it caved the roof, and it even punched through a big chunk of plasterboard. We were finishing our teas in the front room when the banging and scratching noises began. My hosts were shaken, but I remained focused on my task. The daughter explained how she was studying in the attic on more than one occasion, and her attention would be diverted to a specific spot in the room where there would be an apparition. It terrified her so much she would dart out of the room and even the house. There were many manifestations of different entities, shadows and sounds. Unfortunately, the family were stuck due to their limited financial means; they were desperate to leave. They took me on a house tour and showed me where the daughter experienced the manifestations in the attic. I stood facing the spot.

The energy was heavy and stale. My medium friend felt dizzy and slightly disoriented. She complained of pressure on the top of her head. I told her to remain focused and calm; we needed to stop the disturbance once and for all. I recited the Lord’s prayer and asked for our protection. I started tuning in and eventually saw it with my mind’s eye. It appeared as a tall, older, suited male with a stern ‘headmaster’ look; it was not human. I told it that it did not belong in that house and was to leave immediately, and it laughed. Simultaneously, my medium friend and the owner’s daughter complained of the room’s sudden temperature drop. I was adamant about not letting anything distract me. I struggled to concentrate, my perception was interrupted, and I felt I could no longer connect with the entity. Then when I finally perceived it again, it no longer looked human. It morphed from one thing to another, and I realised I was dealing with a shapeshifter, and it was trying to confuse me. Then I asked my medium friend to join me in flooding the room with light to seal it, except for the spot from where the disturbances originated. I needed to hold whatever was in that house in one spot to deal with it appropriately.

The battle to remove the intrusive entity commenced.

The atmosphere was tense, so I asked the young girl to leave the room.

“Can you feel it, Marie?” I asked my medium friend. Her eyes were closed, and her hands clasped before her for protection.

“I feel slightly nauseous, and my head is heavy. It is strong, be careful.”

I would be lying if I were to say that I was not scared. I felt unsettled, and I struggled to stay focused. Thoughts raced through my mind, and the majority were unpleasant. I was in a dream state, watching a reel of images and historical events, much of it centred on the lady owner of the house. The entity had developed an obsession with her. There also appeared a twisted and perverted fixation with the lady, and it showed me explicit images. The possessive entity punished the lady and her daughters whenever it felt abandoned or threatened. The entity was doing its best to distract, scare, and weaken me, and it was succeeding. I was beginning to doubt my ability and wondered if I had mistakenly taken on a challenge far beyond my ability. I was tempted to walk away but could not fail the lady and her daughters.

In my mind’s eye, I saw the entity very clearly. It smirked as it lavished on its assumed victory. It motivated me to be more determined and confront it. I focused on stopping the intrusive thoughts. It was time to assert myself and regain our lost ground.

“Marie, we need to flood this area with light.” She shook her head in acknowledgement. I made a circular motion, and she understood what I was trying to achieve

I visualised a bright and shiny white light in the shape of a cross. I superimposed the image of the Cross over the entity. I pictured the Cross getting brighter and brighter. My strength was coming back, and the entity was weakening. Try as it might, it could not escape the surrounding light. It was trapped.

I opened my psychic channels and stopped visualising the Cross, and focused ahead on the entity. It assumed I had dropped my defences and saw an opportunity to go on the offence. It lurched forward and immediately overtook me. I was expecting this to happen, but the impact was gruelling. I struggled to control the overwhelming surge of energy and the swarm of thoughts in my head. I started to lose my sense of reality and who I was. My mind was racing, and my heart was pounding. Soon after, I sensed the presence of my communicator.

“Let go, son…”

I cannot remember everything but I felt relieved when liberated from the entity. I opened my eyes and saw Marie in tears, but her tears were joyful.

The room and everything around us were brighter.

It took me a few days to recover in my house. I slept most of the time and ate very little. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Eventually, I revisited the house to meet with the lady and her daughter, and it felt completely different. The energy was warm. There were no hostilities within the families and no more disturbances. The older daughter was also present. They all gleamed with beautiful smiles. Seeing them happy was worth the effort.

The lady later admitted that she had been trying to explore her psychic abilities but was not sure of what she was doing. She tried to tune in and receive responses but stopped when things got bad in the house. I shared some of the depravity the entity had imposed on me, which mostly centred around her, and she was repulsed. I advised her to cease trying to tune it with the help and guidance from someone qualified to ensure her safety and protection. After struggling for years, she soon sold the house and moved to a quieter part of the country, where she settled with her new partner.

She never had a disturbance again.

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