What would you do if you came face to face with a spirit? I used to be terrified of the notion many years ago, even though I am a medium. However, I learned that Spirit dictates how and when they wish to visit us. They respect our limits but are also known for pushing the boundaries.

I lost a dear friend to a tragic accident over 35 years ago; he died in my arms. I was 17, and the incident shattered me because the problem was two-fold; he was a dear friend who died a gruesome death in my arms. It took a long time for me to get over the tragedy. I suffered from some form of PTSD and shock. I lost weight, became gaunt, and had little or no desire for life.

Eventually, I found my way back and was on the road to recovery. I was with a friend in a car, and he parked to go into a phone box to make a phone call. It was night, and rained earlier, so the atmosphere was fresh and cool. I rolled down my window and stared outside to pass the time, and that is when I saw my friend, who had died in my arms, walking casually past the front of the car. The street lights illuminated him, and I saw his features very clearly; I have no doubt it was him. He continued to walk on until I eventually lost him in the dark.

My other friend returned to the car, and he immediately asked me what the matter was. I asked him if he saw anyone walk past the front of the vehicle, and he said no. He said he was facing the car while making the call. I told him what I saw, and he was very open about it and told me that maybe it was my friend’s way of letting me know he was okay.

In hindsight, that experience brought me a lot of peace and healing that I desperately needed. Years later, another beautiful visitation by the same dear friend my wife and I witnessed elevated our souls and brought us even more healing.

I learned that we must rid ourselves of fear and doubt to connect with loved ones here on earth or in heaven. Love and friendship can only be enjoyed in their purest form.

Have you been visited by a loved one from the other side? Please share your experience.

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