I entered the house and immediately felt uneasy because of the mother; something about her did not feel right. The family who had arranged my visit to their home complained of otherwordly activities. It started with someone disturbing their sleep and waking up to whispers and sounds. It then progressed to slaps, scratches and other physical assaults.

The family had invited priests to help cleanse the house, but it did not have the desired effect. Quite the contrary, things became worse. Soon after, they would wake up to banging at the front door, screams, and items being dropped or thrown across rooms. The lady of the house said that something tried to physically push her when she was at the top of the stairs. In a bizarre episode, the family watched TV in the front room when an entity briefly showed its face on the screen. It terrified them, and they decided to move away from the house, but selling was a distant option.

The house looked tidy and clean. I did not immediately feel anything ominous; quite the contrary, it felt warm. I observed some ‘odd’ behaviour from the lady of the house. She was intense and avoided eye contact while keeping her answers very brief. Even though she tried to be friendly and smiled a lot, I felt she did not want me there. I asked them to show me around the house. The tour did not reveal anything unusual. We ended up in the front room. We had coffee, and they took me through the history of events. I suddenly felt the weirdest sensation; a surge of energy went through me, and I felt momentarily disoriented and shaken. I may have blanked out for a few seconds; whatever it was, it took me by surprise. As I came around, the family members asked me if I was ok, and I was still reeling from the experience. I told them I was fine, but deep down, I knew the battle against whatever it was, was about to commence. The lady’s face changed, and she looked concerned. I felt she knew more than she was sharing with me, which disadvantaged me. I asked her if she knew anything or had anything to communicate, and she said no. I gave her another opportunity, but she was adamant that she had nothing else to add. The atmosphere changed, and I felt she no longer wanted me in the house. I left, knowing that my task was incomplete and would be the first time I walked away from a situation.

Months later, I chatted with the person who introduced the family to me. He told me things had become so bad in the house the lady of the house sold it and moved far away. He asked me what happened on my visit, and I told him the mother’s energy changed when I questioned her. I said I was sad to have left without being allowed to help the family.

“Years ago, she had an affair her husband does not know about. It was with someone who does black magic, curses and that sort of thing. She was always fascinated by these things. I remember one day, she came to me for help. She had a bed cover soaked in blood, I asked her what it was, and she would not tell me. She broke off the relationship with the magician sometime later, but he was persistent and threatened her. Soon after, things started to happen in the house.”

“What about her husband? Does he know?”

“No, he is oblivious, she never told him anything, and also, she changed. She is mentally not right after all that. I think it affected her when whatever it was choked and hurt her younger son.”

It wasn’t easy to step away when I felt I could help. However, I felt that there were lessons to be learned all around, and I had to accept that God’s will be done.

We are not meant to win every battle but must keep our faith.

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