The paranormal holds a unique allure, captivating the curiosity of many. It presents a glimpse into a realm shrouded in mystery, reminding us of the vastness of the unexplored. Often, encounters with the paranormal serve as poignant reminders of our limited understanding. The otherworldly phenomena that occasionally intersect with our reality challenge our perceptions and leave us awestruck. But amidst the intrigue, should fear be our response?

In brief, the answer is a resounding no. Encounters with the paranormal should be regarded as advantageous rather than frightening, for they are rare occurrences.

Consider any manifestation you may experience – an unexplained figure in a photograph, a door opening inexplicably, or hearing your name called when no one is there. Ask yourself: Did any of these occurrences inflict harm? In most instances, the answer is negative. Perhaps a momentary startle was the extent of the disturbance; beyond that, there was no tangible danger. Reflecting on these incidents, there appears to be scant reason for apprehension. A striking example comes to mind: the dramatic reaction of a passenger on a flight who found herself seated next to a deceased individual. Rather than fixating on the inert presence beside her, she would have been better served to direct her concern towards the living.

Remaining vigilant for such serendipitous encounters is prudent, recognizing that they may unfold unexpectedly and without warning. While it is true that instances of otherworldly intrusion may, on rare occasions, result in harm, it’s imperative to acknowledge that such occurrences are not arbitrary. They are often rooted in causality, prompting us to contemplate the underlying reasons. Random, they are not.

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