I cannot think of how many times I had to attend to ‘patients’ suffering from the effects of a curse or magic. Unless you have been through it personally, it is difficult to appreciate how debilitating and sickening its impact can be.

One of the worst forms of magic originates from North Africa and is so potent that some Arabian countries banned its citizens from visiting that region. It has been responsible for wrecking homes, inducing ill health and, in extreme cases, even death. Over the years, the rituals and spells from that region became widely recognised and were being exported on demand to countries all over. The most popular choices were love potions intended to put the subject of affection into a mental state where they surrender unconditionally. Many people saw benefits in this type of magic to facilitate activity that would otherwise not have been possible had the victim been in their regular faculty.

At a basic level, this type of magic works through the cooperation between the magician and spirits or entities on the other side of life. A pact is made, and a swap takes place. The magician asks for a service, and in return, they will need to fulfil something, usually the desecration of religious items. The more dramatic or repulsive the act, the better the fulfilment from the other side. The person at the receiving end of the spell may feel something is not quite ‘right’ but cannot identify it. Prayer helps to some extent, but the process requires deep purification as the spell would have become embedded in the person at an etheric level.

I use visualisation as part of the removal process. It requires focus, discipline and techniques to reverse the effect until the spell has become redundant. It is very tedious and consumes time and a lot of energy from me, but seeing their face with a gleaming smile at the end is all the reward I could ever wish for.

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